Project Submissions

Submission Procedures

We will accept completed, partial, or chapter samples.

Download Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement here. Please complete required information regarding your project. Fax it to 800-917-9435 or email to attn: Non-Disclosure. We will sign and return a copy to you via email or fax, your preference.

Email submissions to Your email subject should read: SUBMISSION, Title of Book, Full Name, Phone Number.

Manuscripts or samples must be double or 1 1/2-spaced, free from extensive formatting. (Please note if book is ready for print and does not require editing it should be formatted in Word to your size selected. See representative for further details.) For complete or partial titles, we require the novel be accompanied by synopsis, chapter outline, word and page count. The cover letter. For your convenience, the synopsis should be a short (one page) but complete summary of the book. The chapter outline should cover what happens in the book in short bullet points, chapter by chapter. All work should be submit without extensive formatting. Heavily formatted submissions will be returned.




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