Sherrin Ross Ingram

Motivational Speaker and Strategic Planning ExpertBusiness Strategist Correspondent

Sherrin Ross Ingram, JD is CEO of the International Center for Strategic Planning. She and her dedicated team develops economic models to help strategic, forward thinking businesses monitor and forecast the demand for their products/services. These models are used to help leaders uncover opportunities, investigate options, develop solutions and navigate through the maze of implementation. The result? Sherrin’s clients become better leaders who make better decisions and achieve better results.

Sherrin is also regularly hired to share her strategy development processes at company meetings and association conferences all over the world. Her 20+ years as an attorney, economist and strategic planning expert has forged her ability to quickly identify flawed strategies, superficial tactics, and root causes of challenges. Her insights are fresh, she takes a strong stand on core issues, and she’s skilled at facilitating a path of understanding that leads to effective solutions.

Twitter: SherrinIngram
Facebook: SherrinIngram
LinkedIn: SherrinIngram

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