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How Has Technology Helped to Create More Entrepreneurs


Do you want to become your own boss, controlling how many hours you work, what kind of people you want working for you? Becoming an entrepreneur can be scary but with today’s growing technology, you can be your own boss within minutes.

This society has come a long way from communicating through email on the computer to now being able to send emails from cell phones. The internet is a great way to not only get your ideas out in the public but to also start your own business. Some sites you can use to build your own website are , Website Builder | and just to name a few.

We now have technology at our fingertips. There are many different types of advertising you can do like online advertising, creating pop ups ads or internet radio advertising like the Wealthy Sistas® Radio for example. Since people are now able to listen to the radio from either their phones or car, your business can get advertised anywhere gaining more attention.

One of the most important things that you have to make sure you have while inspiring to become an entrepreneur is a business plan. A business plan allows you to visually see what goals you want to accomplish with your business and how you will achieve them.

Being an entrepreneur not only takes hard work, but also dedication. It takes skills, patience, a vision, flexibility, and being able to handle multiple tasks at once. You also have to make sure you manage your money wisely and understand the amount of cash flow you have.

Now people are starting their own businesses from home and You may ask how? You don’t have to open a huge shop to become a successful entrepreneur. By simply working from home You have access to promote your business on social media sites someone who is interested in your type of business may share your post on their page, gaining more recognition of your company. One great aspect of these sites are that they are free advertisements and publications so it costs you nothing to spread your business more. As you develop and grow you can even hire people to help spread your company.

It’s very important to keep up with the latest technology so you can have an outlook on who your competitors are. You don’t want your business to fail like “Blockbusters” did. They didn’t take advantage of the growing technology with now having Redbox, Netflix, Hulu and other online movie sites.

Acknowledge the growing technology we have today to help build your company and your business could have the potential to take off to great heights. Be passionate about your business and take the time to have good relationships with your costumers so you will have their loyalty. Technology will only grow from here and so can your business.

HeatherBy: Heather Grinkley
Bethany College 2016
Communication Media & Production Major
Intern with Wealthy Sistas® Media Group

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